The American Bar Association

Our mission is to serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession!

Serve Our Members

Provide benefits, programs and services which promote members' professional growth and quality of life.

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Advocate for the Profession

Promote the best quality legal education, promote competence, ethical conduct and professionalism, and promote pro bono and public service by the legal profession.

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Eliminate Bias & Enhance Diversity

Promote full and equal participation in the association, and the justice system by all persons. Eliminate bias in the legal profession, and the justice system.

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Advance the Rule of Law

Increase public understanding of and respect for the rule of law, the legal process, and the role of the legal profession at home and throughout the world. Hold governments accountable under law. Work for just laws, including human rights, and a fair legal process. Assure meaningful access to justice for all person. Preserve the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary.

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ABA History

Founded in 1878, the ABA is committed to advancing the rule of law across the United States and beyond by providing practical resources for legal professionals, law school accreditation, model ethics codes and more.


First American Bar Association Section

legal Education and Admissions to the Bar become the first ABA section.


William Howard Taft Becomes ABA President

He is the only person to be ABA President, President of the United States, and member of U.S. Supreme Court.


Membership not Dependent on Race, Creed, or Color

This resolution is passed by the ABA Assembly.


Awards Promote Diversity

The first Spirit of Excellence Awards are presented. They are annually awarded to "celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of lawyers who work to promote a more racially and ethically diverse legal profession."


First African-American Woman President.

Paulette Brown of Maryland becomes the first African-American woman to serve as president of the ABA.


Your contribution to the ABA Fund for Justice and Education will help support the Association’s public service efforts at a time when our legal expertise is needed more urgently than ever.

ABA Leadership

The ABA Leadership team includes Officers, the Board of Governors, the House of Delegates, and Senior Officials. Learn more about the dedicated staff here.

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The Value of an ABA Membership

The ABA is committed to providing members with opportunities to enhance professional skills and resources to stay on top of current developments in the legal field.

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Develop new skills, a voice in crafting legislation, and a nationwide referral network by joining one of more than 30+ Member Groups.

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Making a Difference

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education.

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is a 501(c)(3) charitable fund that support the public service and educational programs of the American Bar Association.

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